Do You Need Help?

shutterstock_254980588Aging brings many new challenges – including those that require assistance. How do you know where to turn for help? At Senior Solutions of North Florida, we pride ourselves in providing the best combination of respect, compassion, expertise and partnership to help during these difficult times.


Do any of the following situations apply to you?shutterstock_148297484

  1. How do I talk with my parents about their aging?
  2. My parents need help and I don’t know what to do?
  3. I live far away and need someone to check on my parents.
  4. I am an exhausted caregiver.
  5. I am lonely.
  6. Has there been a conversation about a health
  7. I can no longer maintain my home.
  8. My parents are experiencing a change in their health
  9. I am experiencing financial problems due to my fixed income.
  10. Am I eligible for any local or state funded programs?
  11. Do I know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
  12. What is “respite” and where might it be available?
  13. What does insurance, either medical or long-term care, actually pay for?

If so, please Contact Us so we begin the process to get you the assistance you need.