Role of Care Manager

shutterstock_240405736The Role of the Care Manager

The role of the Care Manager is to be your guide to develop customized solutions that fit your needs. As problems and responsibilities grow larger or more complex than you are able to handle, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can serve as your trusted advisors.

An Advocate for You

The primary role of the Care Manager is to be an advocate for the client. We identify needs, negotiate and when needed, monitor services that allow our clients to maintain maximum independence while enhancing their well-being.

In an advocacy role, Care Managers can:

  • Help plan and oversee housing transitions
  • Accompany clients to medical evaluations and testing
  • Coordinate home delivered meals, transportation or volunteers’ visits
  • Monitor counseling and other services

A Representative for the Family

Our Care Managers serve as a representative for your shutterstock_27853447family, especially if family members are located out of the local area.  We have a network of partners that our Care Managers use for legal, financial and medical services. We can attend appointments when needed, make calls on your behalf and provide peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after.

Getting Started

Our Care Managers conduct a telephone interview with the client that is used to collect general information. A meeting will then be scheduled in the client’s home. This first meeting is crucial in the development of the personal assessment that will identify that client’s current activities, abilities and preferences. Health care needs, living situation, activities, nutritional status, safety, memory and more are evaluated.

shutterstock_222886573The Care Manager will develop a plan that suggests various options tailored to the unique needs of the client. While some clients may just need short term help, others need monitoring and advocacy services for a longer period of time. We can assist with all of that.

Once the client approves the plan, the Care Manager will fully engage the family in the execution of the personalized plan. Family members will receive periodic reports from your assigned Care Manager until all the goals in the plan have been met.